How to Measure

Measuring your window is really quite easy.
For the width, determine where you would like to hang your rod.  This can be on your woodwork or on the wall.  Simply measure from one bracket to the other. This is your width.
For CORNICE style valances: We suggest a 2.5" continental rod for this style. 
#1. measure bracket to bracket, 
#2. measure the # of inches that each bracket projects out from the wall.  
Add these two figures together for your total width.
36" from bracket to bracket
  +  7" (3.5" projection on each side)
TOTAL = 43"

This means you need a cornice valance at least 43" wide........most of our cornice valances are 50-52" wide.  These would be perfect for this size window.  If the valance is a bit wider than your measurement, you can spread out your valance and wrap the excess around the sides OR make your adjustable brackets project out further.
(Please call to inquire about having a cornice valance made for larger windows.)

When measuring LENGTH for panels, measure from your rod to the point where you would like your curtain to fall.  If using ready-made panels, in the length of 84" for example, you might want to measure 84" up from the floor to determine where to hang your rod.
  • If you'd like to make your window appear longer or you want to allow more light in the room, consider hanging your valances a few inches above the window.
  • You may choose to hang your panels a few inches wider than your window to allow for more light or to frame a beautiful view.
  • Always use a metal tape or wood yardstick for an accurate measurement.
 Please feel free to call us with any measuring questions.  We're here to help!!

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